Industrial Scaffolding

Industrial scaffolding projects present specific challenges, often being larger in scale and operating in diverse environments. They may require larger quantities of scaffolding for longer periods, more flexibility built in to scaffolding design ,with efficient planning and use of resources all important across the entire life of the project.

Occupational safety of all employees working on site is of course paramount, with the safety measures we put in place for industrial projects necessarily stringent. In addition, the scaffold system used must be flexible enough to cater for the challenging geometries that can be present on industrial facilities.

What our industrial clients need?

  • Fast response times – Time is money and downtime is something that needs to be kept to a minimum. We pride ourselves on offering fast response times allowing essential maintenance and repair work to be carried out in a timely manner.
  • Hazardous environments We are trained and approved to work in hazardous and controlled environments often found in industrial settings.
  • Health & Safety Our industrial clients demand the highest of Health & Safety processes and records. Our scaffolders are highly trained and fully qualified ….. Read out Health & Safety policy.

“At Oxford Scaffolding ..we go to great heights to give you complete peace of mind.”

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